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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dear our beloved customer..

We've received so many request to restock so many dresses from our previous post. We're glad that our collections get your attention. We're trying our best to restock all of them, but what could we do if our supplier do not have the stock in their hand? We're sorry for dissapointing some of the customer. Yesterday we went to see the supplier to restock some dresses. Only a few are being able to restock. Just scroll down and check the status. =) But most of maxi dresses are reserved or sold out. So why wait? Grab all the available items before it's gone!

In this post too, we would like to say thank you to you for being such a wonderful customer to Paper Doll's Dresses. We just turn 2 months and what we have achieve today is because of you. Big hug from us! 40 followers and sold out items is reaching 300? That's a record to us. =)

We would like to say sorry too for any inefficiencies that might come from us. Sorry for lateness in replying emails and sms. Sorry for sometimes late posting the new update. Sorry for not always available in YM. Sorry for sometimes let you down. Sorry from us. Paper Doll's Dresses Team is a part time job for us as we have another life to go on with. But no worries, we'll bringing more and more collections and will always improving ourselves from time to time.

If you want us to improve, kindly leave a message in the chatbox. Oh ya, starting this Monday, all tracking numbers will be post in our blog. So, do check it ya. To overcome the late reply from us, you can always send us sms at 012 904 5204. Please please and please put your name in the msg as we didn't save your number in the phone.

Guess that's all for today. Thank you..

*All previous post is no longer available with our supplier. If they do, we quickly restock them. Please don't ask us to restock items which has exist here more than 2weeks.



Paper Doll's Dresses Team.